PG Leave Application

A. Annual Leave application

To use the system as a student or faculty supervisor, please follow the following steps:

1) Log on to BME PG Management System
2) Enter your ITSC user name and password
3) Fill in your leave period
4) An email will be sent to the faculty supervisor
5) Faculty supervisor will need to log on to the PG leave system and approve (or reject) the application
6) The student will then be notified by an email once the BIEN staff updates your leave data.

In case, this leave system is not worked. The student can submit the endorsed leave application form to BIEN office before you take leave.

B. Special Leave application (FORM)

1) Your application will be endorsed by your supervisor.
2) According to the guideline stipulated in the "Term and Conditions of Postgraduate Studentships (PGS 17-18), PG recipients enrolled on research degree program are allowed three weeks' leave in an academic year (1 Sept - 31 Aug). This leave is inclusive of Saturday, Sundays and public holidays that lie within the leave period. (refer to Section E, pt 6)
3) Postgraduate should report to their supervisors/the Department office immediately after they are back from their leave.
4) If you are TA during your leave application, you need to specify a replacement.

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