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This guide serves to help students in the Master of Science in Bioengineering Program prepare their project reports (BIEN 698A/B/C). With modification from the ‘Guidelines Governing the Format, Binding, and Presentation of Research Thesis’ (memo dated 29 April 1994, from APVC-AP), this guide aims at making recommendations for the format, style, context and length of the report.

There are three types of MSc Project Course under the Bioengineering Program:

BIEN 698A MSc Project [3 credits]
BIEN 698B MSc Project [6 credits]
BIEN 698C MSc Project [3 credits]

Project matching

MSc Project Courses are elective courses.  MSc students may choose to fulfill the credit requirement in the program by taking either two 3-credit or one 6-credit project course(s) and courses from areas beyond their major concentration. The project(s) should be within the student’s area of concentration.

All projects should be bioengineering-related and are under the supervision of designated research affiliates in the Bioengineering Program.  Before the academic year starts, the Project Coordinator will gather and compile all the titles of projects to be offered by BIEN affiliates in that year.  Interested students can further discuss with the respective project supervisor for the details of the projects. Students may also approach any research affiliate working in the areas of their interest to explore the possibility of undertaking projects under his/her supervision.  Upon being accepted by a BIEN affiliate supervisor, students should report to the BIEN Office the project title and the name of the supervisor for record before registering with ARR.


Upon completion of the project, the student is required to submit a final report for assessment purpose. For 6-credit project (BIEN 698B), the assessment should also include an oral presentation, which will be organized as one of the Bioengineering Seminars. Students must inform the Program Office for their intention to make an oral presentation 4 weeks before the date of presentation.

In order to avoid subjective judgment in grading, the student should submit TWO bound copies of the report: one to the supervisor and another to the BIEN Project Coordinator. If necessary, the Program Coordinator may make adjustment before the final grade is confirmed. Letter grades instead of ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ grades are used. After the grading process, a copy of the report will be kept and filed in the BIEN Office for record.

Duration of Project

The time allocation and management of the project should be determined under the discussion of the supervisor and the student. In general, students should take at least one semester to finish BIEN 698A or BIEN 698C (3 credits) and a minimum of two semesters to finish BIEN 698B (6 credits), in which Winter/Summer semesters are not counted. The exact duration depends on the arrangement between the supervisor and the student. For pure literature reviews (not applicable to 6-credit projects), students should consult their supervisors for the appropriate number of journal articles to be included. A rule of thumb is that student must spend no less than 10 hours a week on a project of 3 credits (BIEN 698A/C).

Report Style and Format (see examples in the attachment)

In order to standardise all the reports, the style and the format are stipulated as follows:

a)      Reports must be written in English.
b)      Each copy of the report should be typewritten or printed on one side only of international size A4 paper (297mm
´ 210mm), except for illustrations such
      as drawings, figures, maps and so on.
c)      Each page requires 2.5cm margins at the top, right and bottom, and 4cm at the left to facilitate report binding.
d)      The suggested font type is ‘Times New Roman’, with a font height of 12 points.
e)      All textual materials should be double-spaced. Long quotations, footnotes as well as illustrations (such as tables) and their captions may be single-
f)        All reports must contain a Title Page giving the title of report, the name of the student, his/her academic degree, the name of the degree for which it is
      presented, and the month and year of submission (see Appendix 1).
g)      All reports should contain preliminary pages including Signature Page (for the endorsement by the Project Supervisor and the BIEN Project Coordinator;
      see Appendix 2), Table of Contents (see Appendix 3), and Abstract (see Appendix 4).
h)      All textual materials should be adequately referenced and clearly punctuated. The format of references cited in parentheses and the punctuation therein
      should be consistent throughout the text.
i)        References cited should be listed in a separate section at the end of the report. In the list, the form of references should be consistent and avoiding   
      abbreviations. The format and the punctuations are recommended to follow a state-of-the-art journal article in related field. It is suggested to indent all
      lines following the first so that the list can be quickly scanned for information.

Planning Your Report

The suggested length of the report is a minimum of 25 pages (excluding reference pages). Students are highly recommended to plan for their reports as early as possible, and seek advice from their supervisors and/or the MSc Project Coordinator if necessary.

Report Format


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