Affiliated Faculty

Research Affiliates

Bioengineering Graduate Program (BIEN)

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School of Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

John P Barford Associate Professor
Henry Lam
Associate Professor
Yongli Mi
Ka Ming Ng
Chair Professor
Fei Sun Assistant Professor
King Lun Yeung Professor

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Guanghao Chen Professor
Chii Shang Professor

Computer Science & Engineering

Albert C S Chung
James T Y Kwok
Huamin Qu
Associate Professor
Qiang Yang Professor
Nevin L Zhang Professor
Qian Zhang Professor

Electronic and Computer Engineering

Amine Bermak
Man Sun Chan
Kevin J Chen
Matthew McKay Associate Professor
Jianan Qu
Bertram E Shi
Man Wong
Levent Yobas Assistant Professor
Weichuan Yu Associate Professor
George J Yuan
Associate Professor

Industrial Engineering & Logistics Management

Ravindra S Goonetilleke Professor
Richard H Y So Professor

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Yongsheng Gao Associate Professor
Jang Kyo Kim Chair Professor
Yi-Kuen Lee Associate Professor
Yang Leng Professor
Qingping Sun Professor
Kai Tang Professor
Wenjing Ye Associate Professor
Matthew M F Yuen Professor d
Tongyi Zhang Chair Professor
School of Science

Division of Life Science

Donald C Chang Adjunct Professor
Tom Cheung Assistant Professor
King Lau Chow Professor
Toyotaka Ishibashi Assistant Professor
Robert K M Ko Professor
Ning Li Professor
Chun Liang Associate Professor
Kai Liu Assistant Professor
Ho Yi Mak Associate Professor
Hyokeun Park Assistant Professor
Andrew L Miller Professor
Benjamin H Peng Chair Professor
Peiyuan Qian Chair Professor
Karl W K Tsim Professor
Joseph T Y Wong Professor
Jun Xia Professor
Yong Xie Adjunct Professor
Hannah H Xue Professor
Qinglu Zeng Assistant Professor
Guang Zhu Professor


Simon W Chan Assistant Professor
Zhihong Guo Associate Professor
Xiaoyuan Li Chair Professor
Reinhard Renneberg Professor
Benzhong Tang Chair Professor
Hongkai Wu Associate Professor


Kwok Yip Szeto Associate Professor
Zikang Tang Professor
Penger Tong Chair Professor
Weijia Wen Professor


Joseph K C Kwan Director of Health, Safety & Environment Office
Adjunct Professor of Division of Environment

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